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When you want your members to chat
with each other on your website!



Made with the Bootstrap Framework.


Configurations tested and choosen carefully.

Save Time

Already built and ready to implement.


WP Username Mail software is a plugin that connects with your users therefore each member can chat with other members on your website. This software would be great for any type of website that needs to have the ability for their members to chat with each other.

The font-end of the WP Username Mail is built with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular, JSON and jQuery. The back-end coding is developed with PHP and MySQL. This plugin is fully responsive, light weight (does not take a lot of RAM) and has been tested thoroughly.

The plugin uses the username from WordPress. Therefore displays their name only as what the member has chosen in their WordPress profile settings on, “Display Name Publicly” in their admin section. Just like any other email software there are features like compose, inbox, sent, delete and save. The plugin can use the members profile picture that the user has uploaded according too your administration settings you have designated.

There are added JSON and RESTFUL API features to tell the members when they have new mail to display on your website. Furthermore you can set the software to send emails directly to their email address in your database. This feature lets your users know when there is new mail in their inbox and therefore to login to your web application.

Save time and money with our software rather than re-inventing the wheel. The software was developed on a non-CMS web application called USA Roomies. Then the software was developed for WordPress. If you like any custom work for non-WP development or CMS websites please contacts us.

About USA Roomies is a web application that uses the WP Username Mail software.